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Giving me food, affection or a toy when I offer a behavior you like will only strengthen our bond because I will also associate you with that great reinforcer. Using a marker to tell me exactly what I did right will make it easier for me to understand exactly what you want me to do. …And I will love learning new things from you.

Clicker Training

What Is Clicker Training?

Clicker Training is a fast, fun and effective way to train your dog. Clicker Training uses a small noise making device as an event marker or signal. The click is then paired with positive reinforcement to train the dog each

desired individual behavior. The reinforcement may be food, affection, play or even

freedom; whatever your dog finds most rewarding in that particular training session.

The marker signal, or “click”, is used to precisely indicate the moment the dog

performs the desired behavior. It communicates to the dog. “That’s it! That is exactly

what I want you to do.” For example, if I'm training a dog to sit, I click at the exact

instant the dogs butt touches the floor and then reward them with a small treat.

                                                                              The clarity with which a click enables trainers to communicate with their animals has

                                                                              a  profound effect on their relationships. There is nothing magic about the clicker 

                                                                              it is just a signal. The clicker is used only in the beginning stages of learning a new

                                                                              behavior. Generally once the behavior is on “cue”, the clicker is not needed any

                                                                              longer. We then use the clicker to train the next new behavior.

Clicker Training is not a novel new approach to training for dogs. It is a form of Operant Conditioning first outlined by behavioral scientist B.F. Skinner. Clicker training was first used by dolphin trainers who needed a way to teach behavior without using physical force. The same principals have been successfully used to train athletes, dancers, pilots and children with developmental disabilities. It is called “TAGteach,” this form of training uses a click as a marker signal to teach precise physical motions quickly, accurately and positively.

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