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Kids, Dogs, Safety and the Importance of Training both People and Pups

Your dog should be safe and predictable around all family members. Any signs of aggression or resource guarding should be addressed immediately by a certified professional dog trainer. It is important that when introducing a new dog or puppy into the home that children are taught how to behave and interact with the family dog. If your new dog or puppy is not diligently taught to have a POSITIVE association with children it could lead to serious problems later on.


  • Always make sure that children know how to greet/approach all dogs appropriately. Never let your child rush up to a dog from behind or any dog that you do not know well.
  • Always make sure that children understand that when a dog is eating or resting , they should not disturb or pester the dog. Never allow a child to climb into a dogs crate.
  • Children should never be allowed to climb on or trample a dog.
  • Children should never grab a dog’s tail, ears, poke at a dog’s eyes or pat the top of a dog’s head repeatedly. Just because a dog tolerates this does not mean they will tolerate it forever.
  • Children should always avoid putting their face right up to a dog’s face. Children should NEVER blow in a dog’s face. This can cause even the most even tempered dog to snap at a child.
  • Children should be taught to never take a dog’s bones or toys…or anything from a dog… if the dog has something in it’s mouth, ask an adult for help.
  • Children should always avoid screaming and hollering at a dog.
  • Always teach your child to be polite and kind to pets.
  • ALWAYS, ALWAYS supervise all interactions with younger children. Accidents can happen in a split second.

If you have a new dog in the home and younger children, please work with a certified professional dog trainer who is experienced working with dogs and children. Teach your new puppy or dog to associate the kids with POSITIVE experiences so he/she will be more likely to tolerate your children in case they accidently interact with your dog in an inappropriate way.